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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

When - the Sequel

(david m. bailey)
david m. bailey
no music for this one :-)
Dear friends: many of you have heard or seen my lyric called "When" I've shared it a lot over the last decade - I thought it deserved a companion so... "When2" was born:

When the shadow’s dark and the light is weak
When you wanna sing but can hardly speak
When black and white look like gray
when joy is just too far away
when faith can’t find her way back home
when love has left you all alone
When your heart feels like an empty glass
When you can’t let go of your past
When you think this chance could be your last
When it’s passing by a bit too fast
When You long for peace but feel harassed
When the petty and proud begin to blast
with words that sound so cruel and crass
When everything in you wants to quit
When you Can’t get out of that pit
When you feel desperate
When your soul begins to throw a fit
When you ain’t ready to commit
When you think your heart will split
In the end, you must admit
God made this day so be glad in it
Yes, glad, I say, even if you’re not
HOld on to a simple thought:
just a little can seem like a lot
Even if you don’t feel that way
You may not know what to say
But you can’t deny you’re in this day
This very day, this one right now
We got this far, don’t ask me how
But I do know this one thing, friend
Where we are is not the end
So Lift your chin and cast your gaze
on your horizon’s better days
They wait for you with patience pure
How can I be completely sure?
I simply see no other choice
I heard the promise in hope’s voice
It sounds a little bit like yours
it pointed me to different shores
So hold on tight, & don’t let go
hope is closer than we know
Don’t be afraid to let it grow
As it does, you’ll see it show
How to get to there from here
how to laugh as you dry each tear
You’ll do far more than persevere
All those ghosts of yesteryear
Soon will be nowhere near
The fog of fear will disappear
You’ll see that the coast is clear
Believe it and be of good cheer
The next voice of hope you hear
will be your own, speaking out
Telling someone else with doubt
that light is real, that darkness dies
Not just once, but every time
Can you see it? If not, you will
Take some time to be still
Then join me in one final chorus
This table that’s been set before us
has empty chairs that will be filled
By those who wish to dream and build
A better world than what we found
I can already hear the sound
It’s a sound I know you know
The sweet sweet sound of the song of hope
December 9, 2009