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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Head of Staff

(david m. bailey)
Some folks they got no ambition
They know the numbers but they can’t do the math
Reckon that’s why I got this position
Look at me, I’m the head of staff
Well I know that my mama would be proud
Of this powerful title that I have
I’m not just some lowly reverend
No no no no no no no I’m the head of staff
Last week the men’s breakfast had no coffee
And the choir, they don’t like their brand new gowns
Youth group wants to go to California
And the cross in the chapel is, it’s falling down
Sometimes I get a little hectic
Catching all the balls my people hit
That’s when I do what a head of staff does best and I
Hand my glove to my associate
Someday I’d like to be a pastor
Visit the sick, maybe even preach
Seminary ought to have a class in politics
That’s something that I am now qualified to teach
Some folks they got no ambition
Some folks get what they deserve
But the man on the cross said the first shall be last
And the greatest is the one who learns to serve
I’m the head of staff on a learning curve