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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics


(david m. bailey)
Walking down the salty streets of Denver
The sunshine was dancing with the snow
A bird began to sing, thought it must be spring except I knew it was too cold
One mile high but feeling tiny in the shadow of a mountain far away
Smiled when I heard it tell me a secret; what it meant I could not say
I took a lazy drive up through the canyons, found out how the Rockies got their name
Lost a little nerve going round a curve until I saw they were all the same
Stopped the car when I ran out of road, where the pine trees were talking with the birch
Above a frozen creek I listened to them speak; holy as a prayer - quiet as a church
After the benediction it was time to turn around back to where the land is loud and flat
Stopped to grab a bite where the springs run hot all night it’s true; home is where you hang your hat
Next day, back here in the city, that chapel in the snow is just a dream
But even when you sleep dreams are yours to keep and life is learning what the secrets mean
And truth is usually closer than it seems- at least it seems that way to me