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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Most to Give

(david m. bailey)
The rest of the world is sleeping
Like it seems to do every night
Here I am again, alone with my friends
the candles and the clouds and the moonlight

I know it isn't the first time
I'm sure it won't be the last
But this is my time, these are my hours
Gotta take them now before they become the past

And night after night I keep trying
to understand this life that i live
I keep coming back to the same old track
Those who suffer most have the most to give

There's a heart that's bleeding in the heartland
and another that is broken in the east
Somewhere far across the ocean
there's a soul just searching for peace

Prisoners of hope,
Love's last refugees
If we cannot suffer together,
Then our pain don’t mean a thing

The rest of the world is sleeping
Maybe, tonight I will too
If not, there's always tomorrow
And If not there’s always you

but every night, you can find me with my candles
celebrating this life I live
listen to this song and always remember
those who suffer most have the most to give