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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Big Joe

(david m. bailey)
It was just another Sunday at the big church down on Main
He was just another homeless man, big Joe was his name
She was just a kitchen helper, miss Betty, mild and meek
Prepared the sacred elements every single week
Prayers had all been said, hymns had all been sung
Pastor set the table, invited everyone
Big Joe had heard the music so he took a step inside
He saw a bunch of well -dressed folks who looked like they were trying to hide
He saw a man in fancy robes pick up a loaf of bread
Tear it into pieces, then big Joe thought he said
All ye who are hungry – Joe thought, that’s me
So he walked on down the aisle, hoping it was free
Well the pastor looked uneasy, not sure what to do
But the usher held the plate out and said broken just for you
Big Joe felt pretty lucky, then they handed him so wine
Cup was pretty small but it tasted pretty fine
Joe said at the usher, that bread was good
Could I have a little more, do you think I could
Now the usher looked uneasy, looked a bit confused
Then said I’m sorry sir, that’s not how this bread is used
Joe said I’d like to talk to the master of this meal
I’d really like to know exactly how he feels
'Cause up there on the table I can see it plain as day,
You got a half a loaf left over – you gonna throw that away
Cause I got a bunch of friends they re sleeping in the street
Right outside your door and they could use a bite to eat
Well the ushers got to talking, then one began to shout
Then before you know it, a fight had broken out
Meanwhile miss Betty slipped away, to the kitchen she did go
Filled a basket up with bread and brought it back to Joe
She said take this to your friends and you come on back next week
Joe said as you’ve done to them - you’ve done to me
That’s how it all got started at the big church down on Main
Where people come from miles away to break bread in his name