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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics


(david m. bailey)
He said I only had a year to live.
I said maybe so, but maybe not –
Could be, I only have tomorrow –
and who are you to tell me what I got?

He said I’m a man who’s wise and learned.
Everyday I get paid for my advice.
I said that’s fine, but I’ll remind you,
I’m stronger than your laboratory mice!

He said, yes, but I can’t ignore my numbers –
I’ve got a chart that spells it out in black and white.
I said, yes, but I see the world in color –
kind of puts it all in a different light.

So please be careful with the words you use.
There are those who will believe the things you say –
but you and I both know you’re only guessing.
Truth is we both only have today.
So there we were, staring at each other –
while the birds were outside playing in the sky.
I’ve got no time to waste , but I’ve got lots of time to spend and I think it’s time for me to say good bye.

So I turned and headed for the door –
Then turned again with one more thing to say.
Thank you for all the things you do now –
And remember that you only have a day.