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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Painter & the Poet

(david m. bailey)
Summer rain was falling on the field of winter rye
Spent my afternoon watchiing every hour go by
Before I really knew it, the sun began to set
Then came a sacred moment I never will forget
The breeze began to blow and the trees began to sing
The rye began to whisper as the birds all took to wing
A symphony of silence, a peaceful lullaby
A voice of many colors and I looked up to the sky
Clouds looked like a train on its way to who knows where
I smiled as I wondered if I ever would go there
I looked over my shoulder at the road theat lead to town
I knew that it was not the one the clouds were going down
But the absence of choices can make the path quite clear
The rye whispered again: 'you belong right here.'

And here you are