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david m. bailey: Music & Lyrics

Swan Song

(david m. bailey)
Spent a day in Cleveland, But didn't see the Hall of Fame
A Certain kind of stupid, but I'm really not ashamed
Cuz if I'd been there, I wouldn't be here, I suppose it's quite clear if I"d
done that, I would not have done this - there's always something that you

So we built this shrine to the ones who passed away
It won't bring em back no matter how we pray
Some of them were good, some of them were bad,
Some made us smile, others made us mad
I wonder if knew before they passed a long
That what we’d remember most is thier swan song

It's amazing what I've seen in this little life of mine
And for every lesson learned, there are a dozen more to find
Here I am today, and here you are as well
Any more than that is kinda hard to tell

And any word you speak could end up as your last
Everybody knows you can’t change the past
You can burn a bridge, burn a book, break a heart with a certain look
You can lose your hat when the wind is strong
But you can never ever change your swan song

(So sing it out, and sing it strong,
Siing it well, your swan song.