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david m. bailey: Blog

Sometimes, the title of a new CD is the last thing decided.  Sometimes it comes ini the middle of a project - and sometimes it's decided first and helps to shape the content and irection of an album.  such is the case with thi one - after recording hundreds of songs on 22 cd's I was sorried that a new collection would sound like everthing else and determined  go above and beyond what I've done before - and so the title was born.  recording began last summer at a friend's studio in Columbus, Ohio; the very same one where i first discovered I had a recurrance in nov 2008, then continued in a basement home studio outside Cleveland, OH, then wrapped up at my primary haven, Sacred Ground Studio in Fredericksburg VA with my primary producer, Donny Holcombe. As we starte4d sorting through tracks, it soon became evident that there wre simply too many - I considered releasing a double disc but then as  production started began to let the dust settle  and the keepers [...]
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