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notes on NOTES

Posted on February 27, 2011 with 0 comments
David M. Bailey: Notes (instrumental)


Five guys.  Seven guitars, one mandolin, one fiddle, one harmonica, one banjo, one dobro, one bass, one mountain cabin, one weekend.  No words.  Music for Sunday morning coffee or a long Friday night drive. Nominated for 2009 instrumental album of the year.  David M. Bailey, Marc Carraway, Eddie Dickerson, Donny Holcombe, and John Whitlow . . . musical magic.

          "I have to admit that when david m bailey approached me about setting up my family's cabin in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the middle of winter to record an instrumental album, I had my doubts.  Sure, I had previously been involved in 2 other bailey recordings in mountain cabins, but those both were primarily laying down songs that david had previously written, involving his melodic craftmanship and gifted songwriting.  This one was different.  It would be based in david's vision of pulling together 5 of his musician friends to create a completely instrumental album over the course of 5 days, in the isolation of a rustic enviornment in the middle of an unpredictable Virginia mountain winter.
          As david consistenly shares in his music, I should have had more faith.  What resulted under his guidance, and with the gifts of a cabin full of talented musicians, were 5 days of creativity, artistic exploration and downright fun.  I heard the final recording today and it blew me away.  With the talent of david's producer (one of the cabin 5), Donnie Holcombe, david has given us another one to put up on that shelf which only holds the best of our musical collection.
          Those of us who have the opportunity to share in david's music know that he is truly one of the great artists today who brings a unique and inspirational approach to his craft.  I am honored to have been part of this project.  Simply put, all of us loved making this album.  It was a special experience for us, and we sincerely hope you will enjoy listening as much as we enjoyed creating. 
          As david would say, Peace."          John Whitlow

"This one blew me away! The pictures you painted with the music are beautiful. I'm ordering more to give to musician friends and music-loving friends."    JoAnn

"It was an exciting day, when "Notes" filled my home, my car, my work. An awesome CD, that blends into any situtuation. At a get together with friends, it lends just the right atmosphere for chatting. At work, it sooths the savage beasts. (My secret) In the car, it allows me time to unwind, and think... Leaving the days work AT work, where it belongs!! Thanks David, I'm glad you took the time, and listened to your fans. Does this answer the question, "Which comes first, the words or the notes?" Just wondering."      Bev

"Some how I found David Bailey on MySpace.  I listened to his profile song.  A link I followed took me to CD Baby.  This was my first time purchasing from CD Baby.  This CD brings the mountains and nature right to your home.  What a sense of calm and peace I feel listening to his music.  It's an experience!  I shared it with my brother who is also a musician.  He absolutely loves it.  He took it home.  I guess I'll have to purchase another.  I would love to hear David in Concert.  DON'T Hesitate for a second to purchase this gem!"      Allecia

"I have been looking for some good instrumental music and when I sampled the first couple of tracks I was hooked.  I have been playing it at work every day since I got it!"      Matt

"Love it! A relaxing, comforting, easy listening CD. I love listening to the CD when I get home from work, just to relax and reflect as the day comes to an end."      Lucille